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Classification: Compound Fertilizer Purity: 100%,99%min Delivery Port: Dalian, China Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union EOfaming is one of the best fertilizer NPK manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy discount or wholesale our customized fertilizer NPK, and also welcome to check the price and quotation with our factory. THE KINDKS OF FERTILIZER NPK Iterm Benefits FertilizerNPK13-13-20 FertilizerNPK16-16-08 FertilizerNPK17-17-17 FertilizerNPK 15-15-15Ensures uniform distribution of nutrients. Helps in minimizing nutrient losses as application is directly at root zone Balanced plant nutrition ensures better yield. FertilizerNPK12-08-16 FertilizerNPK19-12-19 FertilizerNPK10-20-10+6S FertilizerNPK12-11-18 Fertilizer NPK 10-20-20Specifically designed for high value crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, vines and turf. Utilize a balanced nitrogen source containing both ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, a combination of fully available phosphorus forms giving longer lasting availability of phosphorus over a wide range of soil types, and a choice of either chloride or sulfate as the potassium source. Contain secondary and micronutrients essential for specific crops. FertilizerNPK27-00-00+16Ca FertilizerNPK18-18-05+1.5MgO FertilizerNPK14-23-14+5S+1B FertilizerNPK15-05-20+2MGO FertilizerNPK12-12-17+2MGOContain secondary and micronutrients essential for specific crops. FertilizerNPK22-06-12+5S FertilizerNPK25-05-05 FertilizerNPK20-10-10 FertilizerNPK 27-12-18 Higher primary nutrients with low salt index Better plant nutrition food as compared to traditional fertilizers Manufactured with international quality standards Package9.5KG、25KG、50KG & OEM colored bag UsageUsed as topdressing, basal fertilizer as well as seedling fertilizer.Suitable for all types of soil and plants. StorageNPK Fertilizer can be stored under unopened condition in original container for several years. Opened packing should be resealed after its use, as the product is hygroscopic. NPK is the kind of fertilizer containing two or three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.It is usually used as topdressing and can also be used as base manure and seed manure. This product is extensively applied to grain crops like paddy, wheat, corn and sorghum and to cash crops including tobacco, tea, cotton, gourds, fruits and vegetables. It is extensively suitable to various kinds of soils. ●Provide even distribution of nutrients. ●No risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading. ●Used as topdressing, basal fertilizer as well as seedling fertilizer ●Combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ●Helps in better yield with improved quality of output. Why Choose Us? 1 Fertilizers contain Nitrogen, phosphate, potassium along with necessary micronutrients e.g. Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, which are EDTA Chelated compounds. Boron and Molybdenum is also added in fully soluble. This makes it a complete Fertilizer. 2 NPK is acid product and it can be applied along with pesticides etc. It increases their efficiency as well as its own efficiency. 3 Foliar is easily and quickly taken up by plants thus conserving plant energy. 4 Can fulfill any deficiency of one or all plant nutrients except calcium at any stage of plant growth. It can be sprayed with pesticides thus saving cost. Q: Is free sample available? A: Yes,free sample could be provided,but shipping cost will be paid by customers. Q: Do you accept sample order? A: Yes,we accept small order from 20g,200g and 2kg for your evaluation quality of our goods.wholesale NPK Fertilizer website:http://www.eofarming.com/compound-fertilizer/npk-fertilizer/

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